First of all, you need to go through the simple step-by-step account registration process. That won't take more than 3 minutes. You can use the button below

You can sign up for a personal DSX account using Google, Facebook, Twitter or ePayments account.
If you sign up on DSX with the verified ePayments account, your new DSX account will be automatically verified. This simplified verification is only available to personal accounts.

Account verification

You should verify your DSX account before deposit funds or trade. We recommend you to check out the following article: Why do I need to verify my DSX account?

Note that verification process takes on average 1-2 working days. After our team checks everything, you will receive a notification via e-mail and in your personal account at DSX.

Funding your account

Once the account is verified, you can start with the depositing. Information about all possible funding options can be found in the article: DSX account funding options

Trading on DSX

After you top up the balance, you can start trading on DSX. Right now we offer you two order types: Market or Limit.

You don't want to dive into the whole trading process, and all you need is to buy or sell currency? We've got one for you. You can use our Exchange form to instantly covert one currency into another according to the market rate.

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