In order to be able to perform any financial operations at DSX you will need to complete a KYC procedure. That is needed in accordance with KYC/AML policies to make sure everything is in line with the regulatory requirements.

To verify your ID you will need to start the process from your Profile and prepare your ID for that process. You will need to make a photo of yourself and your document. Everything is checked within minutes, you'll know the results almost immediately.

Below are a few tips that would help you get verified as soon as possible.

  1. Use a valid document
    We can accept:
    - national ID;
    - international passport;
    - driver's licence;
  2. Use a device with the camera
    You will need to make photos of yourself and a document. Make sure you're using a device that has camera.
  3. Make photos in the good light
    Photos made in a dark room are less likely to be accepted as the quality won't be good enough for us to verify the document. Please also remove glasses, headphone or other accessories.
  4. Make a sharp photo of the whole ID
    We will need to see all details on your ID. Make sure the quality of the photo allows us to do so. If not, try retaking the photo in a good light, that always helps.
    Also bear in mind that all corners of the document should be visible on the photo for us to verify the document.
  5. Take photos of both sides of the ID card
    If you're using driver's licence or ID card, please make photos of both sides of your document.
  6. If you are using a passport
    We'll need to see the photo of the page with your photo and personal data. Please make sure the whole page is visible.

By following these simple hints, you'll get your account verified in no time!

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