In case you've received a mail about policy updates and new inactivity fee implementation and not exactly sure how it works and what does it affect we've prepared this article to give you a better understanding on how it works and what to expect.

First of all - your current account state. It is pretty much the same to blocked or deleted status, but provides an option to recover it in case you consider to work with DSX again.

Inactivity fee does not affect any of your funds outside DSX, only those that are stored at your DSX account balance. Nor your bank account, nor bank cards, nor private crypto addresses are not a subject to that fee.
Your account DSX balance is also cannot become negative, so you may not worry about getting a solid bill in few months.
Basically over time the current balance of your DSX account will decay to zero and no additional fees will apply.

You may recover your account, withdraw currently stored funds, and abandon or delete it if you'd like or even get back into crypto trading. However withdrawal may be troublesome if it is lower than minimum transfer amount for various currencies which you may learn here:

As always - feel free to reach us by email at [email protected] or in a live chat if you need any additional information or assistance.

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