The security key can either be a physical device like USB, NFC, Bluetooth or Touch ID on your phone or laptop. What differs it from other 2FA types is that without access to an actual physical device, no one can log in to your account.
In that article, we'll go through the process of setting a security key on your DSX account.

First, you need to open a Settings page and click the Authentication tab. In there, you'll see the option of turning on the Security key:

Once you click Turn on button, you will need to confirm the action via an email link or another 2FA type you have switched on.

Once that is done,  you'll need to enter the name for that security type to differentiate it if you'll be having several different 2FAs.

Check if you are ready to use the Security key: if it is a physical device like USB, you should have it nearby. Click "Link security key" if you are ready to install it.

Insert the key (if you are using USB-like device) and then touch the golden disk or the button on it. In case you are using Touch ID, you need to touch it at this stage to activate that security type.

That's it! You've successfully added another layer of security to your DSX account!

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