The 3D Secure protects debit or credit cards owners from potential online fraud schemes. DSX only accepts cards supporting the 3D Secure to prevent any fraudulent attempts. 3D Secure consists of two programs: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

What is the 3D Secure?

The name stands for the three-domain secure which provides an additional layer of security to online debit and credit card payments. These three domains providing the protection are:

Acquirer domain: The merchant and its bank receiving the payment.
Issuer domain: The bank that issued the card that is being used.
Interoperability domain: The infrastructure supporting the security protocol.

How does it work?

Right after you've entered your card details in the form to add a card to your DSX account, we hold a small amount on your card to trigger the 3D Secure check. You'll receive an SMS with the code which you should enter in the form at DSX.
That additional notification, as well as confirmation from your phone number, prevents any unauthorised payments being made by your card.

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