You can initiate withdrawal right from the Account page by simply clicking Send BTC (or any other currency of your choice). We'll walk through that process together now.

Crypto withdrawal

To withdraw crypto from DSX to your external wallet you need to open Account -> Templates section. Choose your existing template from the list or add a new one by clicking +Add template in the upper right corner. Enter the amount to be sent and an Authentication Code to confirm the operation.

That is it. Once confirmed, your withdrawal request should be sent to the network during a couple of minutes (in some cases it may take up to 36 hours to be processed).

Bank withdrawal (SEPA)

If you want to send fiat currency to your bank account, click the Send EUR (or any other fiat currency of your choice) in the Account section. 

First of all, you choose what account you want to withdraw to in Select a template. If you haven't yet added the template you need, you can add it right from that page by clicking Add template. Otherwise, you choose a template and enter the amount you want to Receive. The system will count what amount should be credited from your DSX balance, so you receive the amount you want.

You can also use Send it all option to send everything you have on the balance of a chosen currency to your wallet. Click Next.

Check if all details are correct, enter the Transfer reference if needed and click Send.

Confirm the operation by entering the Authentication code.

Bank withdrawals are processed on average during 2-5 business days (but in rare cases can take up to 10 business days).

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