Have you ever counted how much time it usually takes to deposit, exchange and withdraw, making and confirming one operation at a time? A lot.
That is why DSX has implemented an Exchange feature which allows you to complete all three operations at once with just a couple of clicks. We'll get through the whole process together to demonstrate how easy that is.

Step 1. Choose the deposit method and a currency
First of all you need to decide what would be your deposit method. That can either by a cryptocurrency transaction or transfer from your bank card. You need to set it in the left part of the Exchange form as shown below

Step 2. Choose the exchange currency.
Now you need to choose what currency you want to change it to. For example, we choose Bitcoin. Choose BTC from the list of available currencies in the right part of the Exchange form as shown below.

Step 3. Set a withdrawal request.
And now it is the time to set a withdrawal request. Notice that you can only choose among templates which you've already set up in your DSX account. If you want to know how to create a withdrawal template please check out the article "Cryptocurrency withdrawals"
Once you create a withdrawal template choose from the list in the right part of the Exchange form as shown below. Click Exchange button to continue.

Step 4. Check details of the operation and confirm it
After you set everything up you have 2 minutes for the Fiat-Cryptocurrency Exchange and 15 minutes for the Cryptocurrency-Fiat Exchange. Notice that we "freeze" an exchange rate for you for that period. After the timer in the upper right corner is down you'll get a new rate.
Check all details of the operation. If everything is correct, click Continue button. If you decided to change anything in the operation click Back to Exchange.

Step 5. Make a required deposit

You will have the timer and details of your operation at the top of the page. You can cancel the operation by clicking X sign near it. Then choose Cancel transaction

Step 6. The operation is completed.
Once everything is done and you successfully transferred the required amount to your DSX account during the time frame which has been set, the operation will be completed. You will receive a notification regarding that as well.

Hope you'll enjoy a new feature as we do. In case you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact our Support team using the LiveChat button in the right corner.

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